What is the most important thing to do before closing?

oceanOne of the most overlooked steps into the finalization of buying a home is the final walkthrough. It is one of the most important, because once the signed deed is filed, there is no recourse if something has gone wrong between the time the offer is accepted and closing.

The home is all yours from that point on and anything not address with the sellers (on the most part) will be a moot point.

There has been final walkthroughs where the water heater hasn’t worked and in fact, was leaking. Another walk through had water streaming from the tube through the living room ceiling onto the living room carpet ….  It’s much easier to work with before closing, than after.

The closer you have the final walkthrough, the better – AND give yourself enough time to go slowly through the house checking everything. Oh, and don’t use this time to measure carpet, drapes or figure what should go where – do that after closing. Use this time to make sure there are no headaches after you close.

Even if you’ve had a home inspection, what should you be looking for during a final walkthrough?

  • Make sure any repairs have been made and make sure there are any warranties and bills for any work done.
  • Has there been any work done after the acceptance of the offer? Has there been any damage since the offer was accepted? Storms and high water does happen, especially like this year and this is the time to make sure you’re buying the same house you put the offer on months before.
  • Is everything in place that was agreed to in the offer? Same drapes, same appliances?
  • Do the windows have the same screens on them? Sometimes they are missing when you put the offer on, but the windows with screens should still have their screens.
  • Is there hot water?
  • Do the appliances all work – take the time to run the dishwasher to make sure it runs and doesn’t leak.
  • Look at the plumbing – is there water on the bottom of the cabinets or water stains? Run your hand over the pipes after you have run the water – is your hand wet? Shouldn’t be.
  • Flush the toilet – run the shower – any leaks or over flows?
  • Turn the heat on and if it’s over 60 degrees, run the air – it is hard on a/c to run when it’s lower.
  • Does the garage door open?
  • Lights turn on? Doorbell and alarm work?
  • Have the instruction books and warranty books been left?
  • Has the garbage and personal items been removed?
  • Are the plants which have not been reserved by the seller all in place?

Of course, you’re not doing this by yourself! I’m here to help you every step of the way, especially after the offer has been made and right before you close and even after the closing. I make sure you know what you’re buying and are happy with the purchase.

Call me today and let’s get started finding your new home!!

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