Does Your Home Insurance Cover Your Empty Vacation Home?

It’s that time of year … getting the Vacation home ready for its long winter rest. Everything is secure and put away, water is drained from the pipes and utilities are turned off. Your vacation home on the Outer Banks will be vacant until the spring sun starts shining again. But you may want to go one step further making sure your vacation home is insured when it’s vacant. Insurance companies may view vacant properties as high risk. Even if it’s not your vacation home, homes may be left empty for a number of reasons, such as the property being for sale, undergoing renovations, divorce or … [Read more...]

Are your things insured when you move to the Outer Banks?

  Does homeowners insurance cover your items when you move?   When your things are in storage?   When should you have insurance in place?   When do you NEED to have insurance in place? When does one policy cover and the other take over? If you’re moving to or around the Outer Banks area, you may want to contact your insurance agent before you load up that moving truck. Homeowners and renters insurance will cover your items from damage or loss, but maybe only while they are at the original dwelling – they may not be covered in someone’s pickup or in the new house. … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Homeowners Insurance

If you own a home on the Outer Banks, insuring it and making sure your policy provides the coverage needed is incredibly important. For this, you will need to know and understand your policy well. Don’t wait until you have to submit a claim (or a claim denied) to read it.   Breaking It Down – Coverage  Actual cash value – If your policy states that it will pay the actual cash value of the contents of your home, you will be paid an amount equal to what your belongings were worth before they were destroyed. This includes wear and tear and depreciation. This coverage does not include the cost … [Read more...]