Save Energy at home while you’re vacationing on the Outer Banks

beach viewSummer time fun usually means V*A*C*A*T*I*O*N!!!

However, spending time away from home on vacation doesn’t mean all your energy savings should go out the window.

Below are a few tips to do before you spend your vacation on the Outer Banks to make sure your dollars are spent on fun and not unused energy:


Timers inside and out set to turn on a couple of times a night will not only save energy but will add to your security making it look like someone is home.


If you’re only going to be gone a few days, set your fridge temp to 35 degrees and the freezer at 5. However, if you’re going to be gone extended periods of time, like when you come to the Outer Banks for an extended time, consider emptying your fridge and unplugging it.

Water Heater:

Send your water heater on “vacation”. Your water will continue to heat whether you’re home or not, so why have it heat while you’re on vacation? Some units actually have a setting “vacation”, but if not adjust it to the lowest setting.

Air Conditioner:

Just turn it off or set it to 85 degrees. There really is no need to heat an empty house. Your programmable thermostat may also have a “vacation” mode. If you set it on “vacation” mode, you will conserve energy and cool your home right after you get back.

Electronics & Tech:

Unplug all your electronics whiles you’re away. It is AMAZING how much energy is consumed even when the devices are turned “off”.

Vacationing on the Outer Banks is always a Summer-time treat! It may be time to consider purchasing a vacation home on the Outer Banks. If you are, contact me – there are many choices throughout the area whether you want on the beach or elsewhere. I can help you find the perfect 2nd or vacation home you’ll enjoy for years to come!

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