Colington, North Carolina

Enjoy not one, but two.

  • Colington Island is usually referred to as one island; however, there are actually two separate islands. Big Colington Island and Little Colington Island. Colington Island is located to the West of Kill Devil Hills, and is in Dare County, NC.
  • Colington Island was incorporated about 1,800 years ago by a man named Colington, since then the island has been significantly modified.  It lies on the sound side of Bodie Island and was once a part of the Island when the sea level was lower than it is now.  From the air Colington Island looks much like a butterfly with a broken right wing.  The current shape is due to the rising sea level, erosion, and other natural processes.
  • In 1664 four partners were given the land through a grant from the Lords Proprietors, they used the island to raise cattle and horse.  They then started an extracting oil business and would extract the oil from whales that had washed ashore. Grapes were planted with the idea of starting a winery and tobacco and corn were planted.  In 1667 a hurricane damaged the island, followed by a drought in 1668, flooding in August of the same year and hurricanes in 1669 and 1670, little is known of the development following that time.
  • In 1889 a post office was established at Shingle Landing, thus beginning the evolution of this area.
  • Over the last several years the harbor has grown significantly and is now home to a thousand families and children.  Colington Island is especially known for their blue crabs.  Homes will have signs in the yards saying ‘ Hard crabs for sale”, you can buy fresh blue crabs, from the person who pulled them out of a crab pot that morning.  The deep water canals and the residents of Colington Island have made this community one of the top choices in the Outer Banks.

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