Loose lips sink ships

shipBuying or selling a home can be pretty nerve racking in itself, but there’s no need to shoot yourself in the foot by posting your thoughts and actions on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram or Twitter.

Many a buyer or seller has put themselves into a sticky situation by posting, “I just put an offer on for $$$, I would be happy to get it for $$$$$!” Guess what – it got around and he’s paying $$$$$ when he may have gotten it for $$$.

A seller changes the status from married to single and starts explosive conversations about the soon to be, but not quite yet ex and how quickly they want out of the situation. The seller just put themselves at a disadvantage in negotiation. The other party possibly can find out how desperate the other is to sell, thus offering a much lower price or add stipulations to close.

So, while Facebook and Twitter are great sites to stay in touch with, they may not be your bff when you’re in hot pursuit of selling or buying your home. Save the posts for when you close and then post pictures of your house-warming party!

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