Let’s Get Ready for Summer on the Outer Banks!!

couple beachAfter such a harsh winter and all the snow, Spring is HERE – the temps are getting warmer and summer will not be far away – time to dust off your vacation home and get ready for summer fun!!

But before you get started, the best way to start is to make a plan and check list of things to do …

    • Make sure your lights and gas are turned on.
    • Make a jug of sun tea —
    • Take the water heater off of vacation and turn it up to a usable level – not too hot, especially if there will be young children around.
    • Check for any leaks in the plumbing and toilets
    • Change out any old light bulbs and smoke detector / carbon monoxide detector batteries
    • Replace any filter in the house – water and furnace
    • Clear sidewalks, driveways and patios
    • Clean and set out patio furniture
    • Wash windows and doors
    • Clean (or re-clean) refrigerator and other appliances. Run a dishwasher and washing machine cleaner through those appliances before running any dishes or clothes through them.
    • Dust out the cabinets, dishes, pots and pans
    • Look for any type of pest infestation – insect or rodent – treat appropriately
    • STOCK the shelves!!
    • Check to see if there are any repairs needed – screens? Shutters? Patio boards? Swimming pool?
    • Find your favorite beverage, relax and enjoy your summer on the Outer Banks!!

If you don’t have a vacation home, and are considering purchasing a vacation home on the Outer Banks, give me a call. Even if you own your Second home on Outer Banks and want to either upgrade or sale, give me a call. I love the Outer Banks area and would love to help you find your vacation home now!

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