How to buy a Vacation Home on the Outer Banks when You Live Out of State

couple beachAfter spending any time on the Outer Banks, the next step may be BUYING your vacation spot on the Outer Banks.

Q. What if you don’t live on the Outer Banks or live out of state, and want to buy a home here?

Buying a home when you’re out of area can be extremely stressful – what areas/beaches work better for you? What laws and rules do you need to keep in mind? How on earth do you find the homes for sale on the Outer Banks?

A. Hire a “Buyer’s Agent”! Buyers agents represent only the buyer in a purchase transaction and the agent has a fiduciary duty to the buyer represented. When you are working with a professional real estate agent, your interests are in the forefront when they are researching properties for you. An agent who is really working for you will be showing all properties within your search criteria and not only ones within their company.

Since there are hundreds of properties listed on the Outer Banks, I would love to provide you with a drive-by list of homes that ARE within your wants and wishes.

Additionally, since I am a seasoned professional in the area, I will mention other homes which may also fit your criteria you may not have even known about. That way, you will know you have received all the knowledge when making that final choice to buy.

My website,, is an user-friendly website designed with today’s buyer in mind. I have great search tools and features helping you find your new vacation (or forever) home a lot easier. Set up email-alerts for listing notifications to be sent right to your email!

Not everything has to be done online or by email, if you would like to talk to any of me about the area and homes, I’m here for you, too!

Once you have chosen some homes, arrangements can be made for you to personally view any selections when you come to the Outer Banks. Though many homes have wonderful video & virtual tours online, online tours don’t replace a personal tour.

Any offers and/or documentation needed to purchase can be easily done online or through email/fax.

If you are considering purchasing a vacation home on the Outer Banks, give me a call. I l love the Outer Banks area and would love to help you find your vacation home now!

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