Ho Ho Home for the Holidays!!

ho ho ho

Christmas is coming and there’s nothing like coming home for the Holidays! But if you believe buying a home this time of year stops or is taboo, you are mistaken – there are homes currently listed on the Outer Banks and are selling!

Traditionally, there are fewer buyers competing against you during the holidays. While they are shopping for the Holidays, you can be shopping for a new home. How many buyers are out looking for houses now?

AND because there are fewer buyers looking for houses right now, sellers will take you a bit more serious and actually may be jubilant for buyers viewing their homes. Only 8.1% of home sales happen during the Holidays. Sellers may be EXTREMELY happy to get an offer and be done with the showing process so they can relax over the holidays – or be able to spend their time off packing.

Lenders have a bit more free time during the Holidays, closing dates a little more available and sooner.

Additionally, if you can close before the end of the year, you can enjoy this year’s tax benefits, too.

As with anything – time is of the essence. The Holidays won’t last long and once the clock strikes 2014, the magic of buying during the Holidays will be gone.

Contact me today and let’s have a great time buying a home over the Holidays and planning your summer fun in your new home!!

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