Did you turn on your lights?

movingWHOO HOO!! Time to Make Your MOVE to the Outer Banks!! You’re going to pack up all your things and move into your new home on the Outer Banks!! Grab some boxes and newspaper and start packing!!

However, there are a few things you will want to do before moving day …..


If there is a moving company involved, make sure to get in writing of what is insured and what is not AND for how much!! You may find damage done by the movers is insured by weight and not actual item value. This may mean cents on the dollar instead of replacement value.

Check your insurance – renters or homeowners policies – to make sure your possessions are covered with the move and in storage.

Finding a Moving Company

There are many very reputable and honest movers in the area. However, there are disreputable moving companies who contract to move your home for one amount of money, but hold your items hostage for a much higher payment. A bait and switch, which is very illegal. How can you make sure your movers aren’t scammers or scum?

Here is a link to a booklet – “Protect Your Move”. It outlines red flags for spotting rouge or scamming movers; like coming to your residence but rather tries to give you an estimate over the phone. These are generally low estimates – seem too good to be true … and usually are.

The U.S. Department of Transportation also has a booklet of mover rights and this booklet MUST be handed to you before any item is wrapped, packed and loaded. “Movers must furnish this document to prospective individual shippers as required by 49 CFR 375.213”, according to their website, “Protect Your Move”.

MovingScam.com is a website dedicated to stop people from being taken advantage of by Scamming Moving companies. In it they list how you should go about finding a reputable moving company. They suggest getting three estimates by LOCAL companies – preferably referred by someone you know who has used them. Once you get names, research online.

Organize your Boxes

You’re busy and there is just way too much to do. Labeling and organizing boxes is the LAST thing on your mind; but a little effort now will save you headaches and time when your home is nothing BUT boxes.

MARK ~ MARK ~ MARK your boxes – as detailed as you can. “Fragile”, “Bedroom”, “Master Bathroom”, or “Kitchen” knives, silverware, plates …. And if you really want to, put all your needs for the first night in one box like medications, flashlights, toilet paper or anything you may not have right on site right away.


Uh, don’t forget to turn on the lights before you leave ….. the lights and other utilities to your new home, that is. The last thing you want to do is to arrive at your new home on Friday night only to discover your utilities haven’t been switched over and the companies won’t be open until Monday.

If you are looking for a local mover, ask because I have recommendations!

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