Did you know vampires are real?

vampireNo, not the ones who are in Twilight or Vampire Academythe vampires who like to suck your electricity.

If you turn off any electronic devise and it still glows …. It’s a vampire sucking your electricity. Who are the biggest vampires in your home?

TV’s – in fact Plasma TVs can suck over $150 worth of electricity annually and that’s wasted money. Even if you only watch 2 to 3 hours of TV a day- the other 22+ hours of electricity is still being gobbled up.

Lap Tops – like a charged up computer? Phone or Ipad? If you keep it plugged in longer than it takes to charge, you’re wasting money and energy.

Ceiling Fans – they can be energy savers – but they also can be energy wasters. If the fan runs all day to an empty room – it’s wasting money. Also, energy star fans do save you money – but only if you’re in the room.

Home office – do you have a desktop? Printer? Other office gadgets? Do you notice at the end of the day when you shut everything down, blue lights still shine through the darkness? Yes – energy users and wasters suck up your electricity.

So, what can be done to rid your home of vampires? Garlic or a wooden stake will not do it, but a Smart Power Strip, will!

Smart Power Strips will reduce your energy usage by actually shutting down things instead of only going into standby. If you plug everything into the one power strip and the main shut off is turned off, it will turn OFF everything plugged into it. This could save you 5 to 10% of your energy use!

And then you can use all this money you save to buy a new home!!

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