Outer Banks, NC Information For Buyers

Buyer Agency

Do you know there are more than one type of relationship (agency) you can have with your real estate agent? There is an exclusive buyer agency or a non-exclusive buyer agency. There is one big difference between the two.

Exclusive Buyer Agency

If you sign an Exclusive Buyer agency with one agent, you will only be able to work with that one agent. Which is ultimately what you want to do in a real estate transaction, you do want to work with an agent exclusively when you are looking to purchase that perfect property. However, you also want the freedom to choose which agent to work with. If you feel pressured into signing an Exclusive Buyer Agency prematurely, you have every right to step back and evaluate the situation. There is NO law that states you  have to sign an exclusive buyer agency agreement before an agent begins working for you.

If your relationship with an agent begins with that agreement being signed, you have every right to turn around and walk the other way. And you should.

Non-exclusive Buyer Agency

I will not make you sign any commitment – long or short. As a buyer working with me as an real estate professional, DOES NOT require a contract. Yes, I know there are some agents who request that you sign an Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement which ties you to that agent even if you find out later your personalities don’t mesh. Would you really want to make a long term and important commitment to someone you hardly know?

I don’t want to force you into working with me. I use Non-Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement to show everyone I am your buyer’s agent and that I am fulfilling all the disclosure laws for our state. Don’t worry if you decide you don’t want to work with me. I’d much rather have your real estate experience a happy one than to feel trapped. However, once you start working with me, I’m sure you will find that you ARE receiving great service, information and the attention you deserve when buying here on the Outer Banks.

You can use my services for FREE!

Buying here on the Outer Banks and using a professional real estate agent doesn’t cost to have that representation. My commission is paid (split) through the sellers’ Brokerage. Sellers here have agreed to pay commission to the listing company and they have agreed to share the split to any real estate company representing the buyer.

What to look for

When you are working with a professional real estate agent, your interests are in the forefront when they are researching properties for you. An agent who is really working for you will be showing all properties within your search criteria and not only ones within their company.

Since there are hundreds of properties listed on the Outer Banks, I would love to provide you with a drive-by list of homes that ARE within your wants and wishes.

Additionally, since I am a seasoned professional in the area, I will mention other homes which may also fit your criteria you may not have even known about. That way, you will know you have received all the knowledge when making that final choice to buy.

Agency Disclosures

The real estate law of North Carolina requires I give you a pamphlet when we have the first significant contact. The pamphlet details the different types of agency you can have with a real estate agent. I have described a couple above. The state requires we, as agents, receive a signed Agency Disclosure form from our clients at the point agency occurs. This most certainly is not a contract binding you to use me as an agent, but as a disclosure of what types of agency there is and what I am bound to as a licensed real estate agent in North Carolina. I will go through this more with you when we meet up or before you starting giving me personal and delicate information.

What to prepare for when we first go looking at properties

Now, when you are ready to look for your perfect property, you will need to come prepared. Wear comfortable and closed shoes and comfy clothes as we will be jumping in and out of cars and houses. Expect a work out as most of the homes on the Outer Banks have the main entrance on the upper level – climbing stairs is pretty much at all the homes we’ll be looking at.

Even if it’s pretty warm outside, you’ll need to bring a jacket as some of the empty closed up homes are on the chilly side.

All types of cameras are okay and encouraged as homes can get a bit jumbled up after you have seen 5 or more homes at once. Photos can also come in handy to confirm what appliances were there at offer-time and at closing.

Making an Offer

I’m here to give you information about the homes you are looking for and the local market. Figuring out what kind of price to offer can be quite intimidating. However, with the tools I provide, like local market trends and past sold properties for comparables, you will be confident when going into the offer process. As your agent, I will negotiate on your behalf to get the best price possible for you. I make sure the appropriate inspections are requested on the offer so the home is what you were expecting to purchase. I am there each and every step of your journey of buying a home on the Outer Banks.

Buyer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Question:  We all have questions, righ?

Answer:  Yes!  And as I come across some of your great questions, I will post them here!