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Let’s Get Ready for Summer on the Outer Banks!!

After such a harsh winter and all the snow, Spring is HERE – the temps are getting warmer and summer will not be far away – time to dust off your vacation home and get ready for summer fun!! But before you get started, the best way to start is to make a plan and check list of things to do … Make sure your lights and gas are turned on. Make a jug of sun tea -- Take the water heater off of vacation and turn it up to a usable level – not too hot, especially if there will be young children around. Check for any leaks in the plumbing and toilets Change out any old light bulbs and … [Read more...]

Jackson Dixon Beach Realty NC’s 2013 Agent of the Year!

On January 16th, Jackson Dixon was named the 2013 Beach Realty Agent of the Year. Jackson earned a BS in Business Management and Economics from North Carolina State University and was licensed in 1987. She previously worked on site at the Currituck Club and joined Beach Realty in 2010. Her economics and business background has been a tremendous asset to her career. … [Read more...]

February Homes Sales on the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks Association of REALTORS(R) recently released the market figures for February. The Outer Banks real estate market is looking better and looks like the trend is upward!! Sales – The February statistics are in and the numbers look strong, with residential sales up 4% and commercial sales up 100%. However, the number of lot / land unit sales, which were our star performers in 2013, have declined dramatically – down 40%. Sales Price – Average sales price and the median sales price have declined slightly (1% and 2% respectively), but this decline is not statistically … [Read more...]

Did you know vampires are real?

No, not the ones who are in Twilight or Vampire Academy … the vampires who like to suck your electricity. If you turn off any electronic devise and it still glows …. It’s a vampire sucking your electricity. Who are the biggest vampires in your home? TV’s – in fact Plasma TVs can suck over $150 worth of electricity annually and that’s wasted money. Even if you only watch 2 to 3 hours of TV a day- the other 22+ hours of electricity is still being gobbled up. Lap Tops – like a charged up computer? Phone or Ipad? If you keep it plugged in longer than it takes to charge, you’re wasting money … [Read more...]

H.R.3370 has PASSED…. The House!

The Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act (H.R. 3370) with amendments (see previous blog post) has passed …. The House! The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will be reined in and held accountable for the Biggert-Waters implementation issues. This bill will repeal FEMA’s authority to increase premium rates at the time of property transfer or new flood map. REFUNDS will be paid to those who have already paid excessive premium rate insurance payments. Additionally, it will limit any premium increase to 18% annually. Now, the bill has to go in front of the Senators. The … [Read more...]