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Can you believe this weather on the Outer Banks?

Snow? Ice? And now more snow – lots of it? Winter is getting really old and there is quite some time before Spring gets here. How can you get rid of the Winter Blahs on the Outer Banks? Here are some ideas that just may wipe the gray away. 6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs General contractors, home builders, and more ∨Browse interesting kids bedroom ideas, and discover fun kids beds and decorative bedding for your child's bedroom. Search for a fun counter stool, clock, sectional and storage dresser to spice up your basement. Also, looking for a new home puts a pep in your … [Read more...]

Why hasn’t that home sold yet?

Have you wondered why great homes just stay on the market and don’t seem to sell? Here are a few reasons why some homes on the Outer Banks haven’t sold yet …. 1.  The home is drawing fewer lookers. When the home is new on the market that is when it draws the most interest. If an agent is saying buyers aren’t showing interest in a home that could mean prospective buyers are waiting for the price to come down before viewing it. 2.  The home is drawing lookers but no offers. If a home has had many lookers come through a home but none have made an offer. Something is off. What are other agents … [Read more...]

Outer Banks December 2013 MLS Statistical Report – 2013 Year End Summary

Residential Sales Residential property units sold in 2013 down from last year by 2% (34 units) Total volume sold was down from last year by 7% ($40,169,100) – but still optimistic. The Median Sale price of residential properties was down by 5% ($17,743). Distressed Residential Sales Distressed residential units sold in 2013 down by 21% (102 units) Total volume sold was down by 21% ($15,703,919). Distressed sales declined through November to the lowest number of distressed properties since 2009. HOWEVER, the month of December had a sharp increase to the number … [Read more...]

Loose lips sink ships

Buying or selling a home can be pretty nerve racking in itself, but there’s no need to shoot yourself in the foot by posting your thoughts and actions on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram or Twitter. Many a buyer or seller has put themselves into a sticky situation by posting, “I just put an offer on for $$$, I would be happy to get it for $$$$$!” Guess what – it got around and he’s paying $$$$$ when he may have gotten it for $$$. A seller changes the status from married to single and starts explosive conversations about the soon to be, but not quite yet ex and how quickly they … [Read more...]

Staging Tips to sell your home this year on the Outer Banks

Ever wonder what kind of home on the Outer Banks brings the most interest, get top dollar, and sells the quickest? It may be time to stage your home. It may be a cost to getting your home in market ready condition, but with spring coming and the real estate market soon to be gaining momentum on the Outer Banks, this is a great time to get your home ready to sell. Here are some tips in staging your home to sell on the Outer Banks: Neutralize:  Most people think that staging is about decorating, this is not the case.  You are trying to appeal to the average buyer and if they make an … [Read more...]