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10 Ways To Turn Your Home Green

By John Kendra Green homes are important in today's world. People are looking for them everywhere they go. Some people think they are expensive to make, but there are easy ways to turn your home green for cheap. Carpet. Did you know that 1 out of every four recycled plastic bottles is produced into carpet? That is more than three billion bottles every year! Select carpet produced from renewable or recycled supplies. Paint. Create a cozy space by painting an accent wall in a warm earth tone like cocoa or cinnamon. Select paint that is non-toxic and consists of small or no volatile … [Read more...]

Top Ten Reasons For Buying Your Own Home

By Rebecca Sebek Buying home may be scary but it doesn't have to be. Think of it as an investment because that's what it is. You can buy your home for $200,000 sell it for $300,000 and earn a $100,000 profit. This is a 'simple' formula but it shows how you can earn a profit from your home. You can use that money to buy a bigger home or move to another state or country. You want your home to appreciate in value not depreciate. When you buy your first home make sure you remember this. Most people buy their first home and forget that one day they may sell it. When they go to sell it, they're … [Read more...]

Home Buying On The Rise Due To Record Low Cost And Spring Temperatures

By Shaun Greer Spring is typically a time of up-swing in the housing market. So, add to that the low housing prices out there, the cautious optimism about the recession finally breathing its last breath and this could be the spring to end all springs in the real estate market and a good way to get us back on our feet economically. If you are trying to sell in this market, until now, you have probably been frustrated and disillusioned about just how little you can get for your home. You may have been tempted to call a we buy houses company, whose signs are popping up on the corners of … [Read more...]